Handcrafted Devotional and Heirloom Jewelry with Vintage and Antique Elements

Welcome! My latest artistic adventure with vintage-inspired jewelry began when I stumbled across my grandmother's button jar which held over a hundred years worth of buttons and odds-and-ends. I realized that, in a way, I was looking at a glimpse of our entire family history, so I began to incorporate them into little pieces of artwork and jewelry to make the past visible to my present-day family. The experience of working with tiny remnants of my grandmother's life seems deeply spiritual, and I continue to create art and jewelry inspired by her, her deep faith, and her love for us. I also spent 28 years of my life as a Spanish instructor, and as you see, many of my pieces contain elements that reflect my great love for the Spanish-speaking world and its rich history and cultures. I hope my jewelry designs help tie you to your past, like they do for me, and at the same time, serve as a touchstone to ground you in the beauty of the present moment. Many blessings on your journey and thank you for visiting my website.

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